Article XXI – XXVII


Sec. 1 The Standing Committees shall be:
a. Committee on Membership
b. Committee on Finance
c. Committee on Continuing Professional Education
d. Committee on Constitution, By-Laws and Legislation
e. Committee on Public Health
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

The Special Committees under each Standing Committees shall be:
a) Committee on Membership
a1) PDA ID
a2) Welfare and Trust Fund
A2i) Living Dentists Benefit
A2ii) Calamity Fund
A2iii) Mortuary
a3) Insurance
a4) Sports
a5) Socials
a6) Awards
a7) Information (Publication & Website)
a8) Dental Laboratories
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

b) Committee on Finance
b1) International Trade Relations
b2) Ways and Means
b3) Grants and Donations
b4) Building Trust Fund
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

c) Committee on Continuing Professional Education
c1) Conventions
c2) Speakers Bureau
c3) Committee on Dental Education (dental colleges)
c4) Dental Tourism
c5) NDHM
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

d) Committee on Constitution, By-Laws and Legislation
d1) Legal Affairs
d2) Illegal Practice
d3) Ethics, Complaints and Grievance
d4) Protocol
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

e) Committee on Public Health
e1) Community Outreach (Cleft Lip, Elsie Gaches, Adopt-a-School/Brgy.
e2) Indigency Clinic
e3) Oral Health Promotion and Research
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 2 Duties of the Standing Committees

I) Committee on Membership
1) To impose upon new dentists to be members of the local chapters and the PDA immediately after they are sworn into the profession.

2) To impose upon non dentists as described in Article XII, Section 1. to be members of their respective professional organization and to affiliate themselves with the PDA.

3) To devise ways and means of maintaining the interest of the members and prospective members through fellowship projects and goodwill promotions or any manner that will serve to benefit its members.(As amended on April 30, 2008)

II) Committee on Finance
1) Preparation of Budget
2) Appropriation of accounts
3) Audit of PDA Books of Accounts
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

III) Committee on Continuing Professional Education
1) To design and prepare programs for national, area, regional, chapter/affiliate society scientific meetings and symposia.

2) To organize the composition of the Speakers’ Bureau and establish guidelines and criteria in the selection of its pool of Speakers.

3) To collaborate with the PRC in implementing the continuing professional education among practicing dentists, dental hygienists and dental technologists in consonance with the guidelines of the Continuing Professions Program (CPE) Council of the Professional Regulation Commission (As amended on April 30, 2008)

IV) Committee on Constitution and By-Laws and Legislation

1) To recommend necessary amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws to the House of Delegates to keep it attuned to the needs of the time.

2) To act as Reference Committee for proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws in the House of Delegates or the Board of Trustees in its ad interim capacity

3) To initiate, recommend and to lead advocacy for legislations beneficial to the dental, dental hygiene and dental technology professions more importantly for the nation’s oral health and welfare.

4) To keep the members of the dental, dental hygiene and dental technology professions informed of such bills as may be proposed or which are currently under consideration by Congress which affected the oral health of the public, the dentists, and the practice of dentistry.

5) To compile and collect all laws, ordinances, court decisions and legal opinions affecting or related to dentists and practice of dentistry, dental hygiene and dental technology and to publish the same for the information of dentists.

6 To lobby and make representations in activities of Congress such as hearings and consultations for legislations oral health and dental, dental hygiene and dental technology professions interest.(As amended on April 30, 2008)

V) Committee on Dental Public Health

1) Preparation of materials for Publication on Public Health Education and dental care such as pamphlets, films, film slides, postcards and exhibits, for the use of teachers and health education workers and for exhibition and distribution to the general public especially during the National Dental Health Week Celebration, Outreach Project, Barangay Health Seminars.

2) To develop outreach projects regarding dental health which may be used by constituent chapters.

Sec. 3 Duties of the Special Committees under each Standing Committees:

I) Membership
Welfare and Trust Fund (Living Dentists Benefit, Calamity Fund, Mortuary)

1) To prepare guidelines and plan to study ways and means to assist members of the PDA who may be victims of accidents, of death caused by natural calamities.

2) To keep a continuing study of improving the capacity of the Association to extend aid or benefits to its members.

Committee on Dental Insurance
1) To acquire a Comprehensive Medical Healthcare Insurance or HMO Provider for PDA members who wishes to have a Medical Healthcare Insurance that has a complete package of health benefits with a high quality of service that could provide the hospital and medical needs affordable and available to every members of PDA, their clinic staff and their dependents.
2) To evaluate qualifications of the Healthcare Providers and to conduct and document a fair, acceptable and transparent bidding process.
3) To handle the affairs, transactions, facilitate details and coordination with the Healthcare Provider and the enrolled members whose enrollment are entirely independent from the membership fees paid to the Association.
4) To coordinate with the Chapter and Affiliate Presidents of the PDA to serve as the collection and remitting agent in facilitating enrollment of their members. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Committee on Sports
1) To promote and maintain good physical and mental health of the members of the PDA.
2) To foster camaraderie and friendship as well as the spirit of sportsmanship with the different members of the chapters and affiliates
3) To establish unity and bonding of each member by encouraging them to participate in all sports activities.
4) To create a national tournament that will involve every PDA member throughout the country. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Committee on Socials
1) To prepare a general plan of social events, set guidelines and make tentative schedule of particular social affairs not otherwise provided for in the By-Laws.

2) To coordinate with all concerned, determine and recommend the time, date, place of the affair, guest list and other matters regarding its activities.

Committee on Awards
1) To identify and establish criteria of different end-of-the-year awards of the Association in:

Regional Level – Most Outstanding Chapter/Chapter President
Individual Awards
Group Awards
Special Awards

2) To establish rules and regulations in the evaluation and verification of awardees.

3) To institutionalize specifications of the awards. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Committee on Information (Publication and Website) (As amended on April 30, 2008)

1) To draw guidelines and standards to encourage and assist the constituent chapters in publishing Newsletter for their members.

2) To publish information materials designed to orient new and prospective members other campaign aids for the Committee on Membership.

3) To publish materials to be used as guidelines for organization, administration and operation of the constituent chapters.

4) To publish the necessary reference materials, studies and reports in collaboration with the Board of Trustees, House of Delegates, and other committees of the Association as the occasion may arises.

5) To cause the printing of the Association’s forms, publication, certificates and other printing needs

6) To publish educational and informative materials to promote oral health in coordination with the Committee on Dental Public Health

7) To develop the Association’s capability to generate printed materials, like posters, video films, etc. for the continuing education program, health education and Public Health Committee activities.

8) To publish rules and laws and guide the members on the new developments.

Committee on Dental Laboratories

1) To establish a strong and harmonious relationship among the dentists, dental technologists and dental laboratory proprietors.

2) To enhance further dissemination of information to dental laboratories as well as dental technologists about the new Dental Law better known as RA 9484 wherein they would be integrated with the Philippine Dental Association.

3) To conduct meetings, symposia and seminars to further enlighten the dental technologists with rules and regulation as stipulated under the newly passed Dental Law.

4) To organize series of scientific seminars or conventions, if possible to enhance their technical knowledge to develop their art and craftsmanship. Also, to arrange solution to their business and technical problems and to set high standard of integrity, honor and courtesy among their relation with each other and with the dental profession.

5) To encourage all dental laboratories in a national scale in complying with the newly amended Presidential Decree No. 1542 which is the law providing for the registration and licensing of all dental laboratories operating in the Philippines.

6) To coordinate with the PDA chapter presidents nationwide to conduct seminars with dental laboratory owners and their dental technologists and to require chapter presidents to acquire list of dental laboratories operating in their area whether they have license to operate or none.

7) To convene regularly with recognized association of dental laboratories and dental technologists, the Philippine Prosthodontic Society and officers of the PDA to discuss current issues that would help to improve the practice of Prosthodontics in Philippine Dentistry.
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

II) Finance

Ways and Means, Grants and Donations
1) To generate other fund sources (As approved on April 30, 2008)

Building and Trust Funds
1) To formulate strategies and guidelines to generate funds for the permanent buildings of the Association.

2) To recommend and secure measures for the productive safekeeping and sound investments of funds generated.

3) To prepare a program, standards of care, repair for the maintenance and upkeep of the permanent PDA building and its facilities to implement the same.

4) To generate funds for the purchase or construction for the permanent headquarters.

5) To cause the purchase or construction of a permanent headquarters of the Association.

Committee on International Trade Relations

1) To encourage and develop satisfactory relations with the various local and international business organizations representing the dental trade, the dental prosthetic laboratories, and dental equipment manufacturing
2) To formulate plans to establishing and maintaining the highest attainable level of technical standards as they relate to the dental, dental hygiene and dental technology profession and to submit such plans to the Board of Trustees for action in cooperation with the DOH, DOST, Dental Trade Organization and others.

3) To maintain close liaison with the ADA, Federation Dentaire Internationale, Asia-Pacific Dental Federation, WHO, and other health (corresponding) agencies here and abroad, to include those that deal wih dental hygienists and dental technologists.

4) To encourage participation to international conferences, workshops and seminars organized and initiated by the above mentioned organizations.

5) To arrange an exchange program of print materials, video films and other materials which can contribute to the technical professional growth of the members of the Association.
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

III) Committee on Continuing Professional Education

Speakers’ Bureau

1) To serve as the official vehicle of PDA for lecturers

2) To assist constituent chapters in obtaining and selecting speakers for their respective symposia

3) To share the contribution and support of our colleagues who excels in their field of expertise and specialization

4) To update the communication techniques through speaker development seminars.

5) To consolidate and program the assignment of speakers

6) To make available to every chapters and affiliate organization of the PDA a list of speakers for their selection (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Committee on Dental Education

1) To coordinate with the PRC, CHED, TESDA and the association of dental colleges in order to maintain high standard of dental education.

2) To coordinate efforts of the dental colleges, the Board of Dentistry, Council on Dental Education, and that of the PDA in maintaining high standard of dental education.

3) To recommend to the dental colleges, CHED and TESDA changes in the dental curricula as well as to promote the adoption system, methods, materials and equipment in the practice of Dentistry, Dental Hygiene and Dental Technology, respectively.(As amended on April 30, 2008)

Dental Tourism Committee

1.) Main function is to prepare Filipino dentists for global practice of dentistry by information desimination of global guidelines, policies, standard and responsibilities.
2.) See to it that international standard is maintained in dental care, facilities and skill.
Ex. Infection Control
3.) Promotion of Philippine dentistry in the global market. See to it that Filipino dentists will be a part of international network and conduct their practice under the Code of Ethics.
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

National Dental Health Month

1.) To arouse dental health consciousness among the people.

2.) To propagate the value of oral health to the people during the traditional month-long celebration. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

IV) Committee on Constitution & By Laws and Legislation

Legal Affairs

1) The Committee shall gather and evaluate evidence on referred cases involving illegal practice of Dentistry in the Philippines and with the aid of Counsel, file cases in court.

2) To conduct continuing study of cases handled for the purpose of improving its mission for the good of the Association.

Committee on Code of Ethics/ Complaints and Grievance
1) To consider proposals for amending the Code of Ethics and to make necessary recommendations.

2) To provide advisory opinions regarding the interpretation of the Code of Ethics.

3) To consider appeals and complaints from members of the Association or the constituent chapters.

4) To implement and enforce equitably the Code of Ethics for dentists upon all active members of the Association and recommend to the House of Delegates or to the Board of Trustees if the House is not in session, suitable sanctions for violating members after due process.

5) To accept, evaluate and verify complaints and grievances from members, individuals and other agencies directed to the association or its constituent

6) To recommend to the Council of Presidents measures to resolve these complaints and grievances


1) Manage the protocol requirements of the PDA functions as per the Book of Protocol.

2) See to it that all rules, regulations and guidelines on protocol adopted and approved by the PDA are followed and implemented.

3) Make sure that all materials needed such as flags, banners, rostrum, gavel and gong, printed materials, logo of the organization and others are brought in by an assigned member. He/she must see to it that they are in proper arrangement. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

V) Committee on Public Health

Oral Health Promotion and Research

1) To gather informative materials for disemmination to the public regarding the importance of oral health.

2) To develop outreach programs promoting oral health awareness

3) To conduct capacity building seminars for health education workers.

4) To promote and conduct research on oral health, relevant dental products and clinical procedures.

5) To compile scientific data for study and evaluation.

6) To organize an autonomous Research Ethics Review Board.

7) To maintain operations of the Oral Health Research Center.

8) To perform such other duties which the Board of Trustees may assign from time to time.
(As amended on April 30, 2008)

Community Outreach /Cleft Lip/Palate; Elsie Gaches, Adopt a School/Barangay

1) To implement projects which will deal on curative, procedures like restoration, oral prophylaxis and other treatments.

2) To work hand in hand with the Committee on Public Health and Committee on Dental Health Education towards the promotion of good oral health.

PDA Indigency Clinic

1) To provide basic dental health services to the unserved and underserved members of the community.

Council on Dental Products

1) Document evaluation and verification
2) Clinical testing and evaluation.


Sec. 1 The Continuing Dental Education Program shall be the primary responsibility of the Association towards the professional development of its members keeping them abreast with universal developments in the science and practice of dentistry.

Sec. 2 The Association shall conduct a program of continuing education at its annual general convention and a staggered annual program of similar nature although much smaller in scale of Continuing Education at regional area levels thru the constituent chapters.

Sec. 3 The Board of Trustees shall take care of the management and arrangement of the continuing education through its committees to coincide with the PDA Annual Convention and the Annual Session of the House of Delegates.

Sec. 4 The executive committee in-charge of the annual program of Continuing Education shall be the PDA Annual Dental Convention Committee.

Sec. 5 The Philippine Dental Association (PDA) shall be responsible for implementing the Continuing Education Programs according to the guidelines set by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 6 All Scientific Programs whether sponsored or funded by the PDA which will earn CPE units for the attendees must be integrated into the CDE Chairman’s overall program . (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 7 The CDE chairman cannot run for any elected position in the PDA during its tenure as chairperson of said committee. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 8 Candidates running for office in the PDA cannot serve as lecturers during the campaign period until election day.(As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 9 The Continuing Education Committee shall strictly enforce the programs duly approved by the PDA Board of Trustees independent of the conditions set by the sponsoring entity. (As amended on April 30, 2008)


Sec. 1 The Annual Convention

a) The annual convention shall be held on the second week of November at a place that shall be decided by the President-Elect with the concurrence and approval of the Board of Trustees through the recommendation of the Executive Committee of the annual convention, provided further that the venue shall be selected not less than six months in advance. The annual constituent assembly meeting shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday of November. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

b) The President-Elect shall be the General Chairman and heads the Executive Committee.

c) It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to manage, arrange, supervise and coordinate all activities incident to organizing and making success of the Annual Convention.

d) There shall be Dental Trade Exhibits. The Committee on Trade Relations shall give direct supervision and assistance to the Executive Committee over the dental trade exhibits subject however to the Policies and Guidelines that may further be established by the Board of Trustees.

e) The President-Elect, as the Executive Chairman shall be given the authority to appoint the various committees.

f) The President-Elect shall appoint a Convention Treasurer and Auditor but shall submit a properly audited report to the Board of Trustees and PDA Treasurer on the first Board Meeting, income generating consists : registration, sponsorship, trade exhibits, venue, presidents night, fellowship, appreciation, awards night and other reports one month after the Annual Convention.(As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 2 Admission to any continuing education program during the annual convention shall be limited to:
a) Active, associate, honorary, and life members of the Association who are in good standing.

b) Active members of good standing of National Association of Dental Technology.

c) Active, good standing members of National Association of Hygienists. (As amended on April 30, 2008)


Sec.1 The Association shall provide publications to all members in good standing.(As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 2 The Association shall publish a quarterly Journal which shall be called the Journal of the Philippine Dental Association (JPDA) in which shall be published articles of interest and value to as well as reflective of the profession and the science of dentistry in the country and overseas. The Association shall also publish the PDA Bulletin which shall reflect the internal activities of the Association – its constituent chapters and its affiliated organizations.

Sec. 3 Publications of the Association shall be funded from these sources; (a) 12.50% of the annual membership fees (b) sale of advertisement space and (c) donations. (As amended on April 30, 2008)


Sec.1 Sources of Funds: Annual Membership Fees

a) Active Members annual fee: The active member’s annual membership fee shall be determined by theBoard of Trustees subject to the confirmation of the House of Delegates. It shall be paid thru the Constituent Chapter of which the dentist is a member preferably; in which instance, ten percent (10%) of the membership fee, shall accrue to the Chapter, provided, however, that payments made to the Chapter shall be remitted within the first half of the Fiscal Year. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

b) Auxilliary Member’s annual fee: The auxiliary member’s annual membership fee shall be determined by the Board of Trustees subject to the confirmation of the House of Delegates. It shall be paid through the respective professional organization of which the individual is a member preferably in which instances, 10% of the membership fee shall and be remitted within the first half of the fiscal year. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 2 Convention Fees

a) Annual Convention fees shall be collected from the delegates in the amount fixed by the Executive Committee, and upon approval of the Board of Trustees.

b) Dues may also be collected from registrants attending continuing education programs sponsored by the Association in such time and place other than those held during the annual convention; and those held in regions and/or districts and which amount shall be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Sec. 3 Donations, Grants, Assigns

The Association shall solicit donations, accept grants and/or assigns from any legitimate source, whether in cash or in kind.

Sec. 4 The Association shall generate funds from sale of advertisement spaces in its publications, as well as sale of booth spaces during trade exhibits.

Sec. 5 The Association shall have on its income the interest on accounts placed on savings and time deposits.

Sec. 6 Penalties and/or fines from late membership fees payments shall be:

a) Imposed by the Treasurer of the Association in the amount not exceeding five percent (5%) of the arrearages per annum.

b) A fine of five percent (5%) on the collections due the Association shall be charged on the Chapter for failure to remit within thirty (30) days what is due the Association.

c) The balance of a three-year paid up member’s fee carried into the succeeding fiscal year or years; shall be levied a late payment penalty or fine of ten percent (10%), and shall, if not paid, be added to the arrearages carried into the succeeding fiscal year until such arrearages are fully settled. These fines shall not accrue to the constituent chapter but to the Association.

Sec. 7 Classification of Funds

The funds of the Association shall be classified into GENERAL FUND, and SPECIAL AND FIDUCIARY FUND.

a) The GENERAL FUND shall be derived from the income of the Association from membership fees and dues; sale of advertisement spaces; rentals and/or sale of franchise for trade exhibits; subscriptions to publications of the Association; cash donations to the Association not specified for any particular or special program or project of the Association. The operations fund of the Association shall be taken from the general fund.

b) The SPECIAL AND FIDUCIARY FUND shall be those money or monies placed in trust with the Association in the nature of special funds allocated by provision of this Constitution and By-Laws as in Art. XII Sec. 5; or donation, or grants for particular programs or projects of the Association. Some of these are:

1. The Continuing Education Fund
2. House of Delegates Fund
3. Legal Affairs Fund
4. The Publication Fund
5. The Welfare and Trust Fund
6. ETC

c) The above mentioned SPECIAL FUNDS cover the special projects of the Association. Each of them is under the management of a special committee of a chairman and two members, except the Publications fund which is managed by the respective publication staff of the PDA headed by the Editors of the Journal and Bulletin of the PDA. All these Committees are responsible to the Board of Trustees. The Chairman and members of these Committees are appointed by the Chairman of the Board with the approval of its members with a tenure of three years.

c1. PDA membership computerization fund. It is a fund devoted solely to the computerization of membership office and its projects. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 8 General Fiscal Provisions

a) All monies, bonds and/or paper securities of the Association shall be deposited in reputable government and/or private banking institution approved by the Board of Trustees.
b) Monies of the Association shall be deposited in accounts specified by provision of the By-Laws of the Constitution, or in accounts approved by the Board except in the money market.

c) Accounts of the Association shall be in the name of the PHILIPPINE DENTAL ASSOCIATION under three signatories: (for purposes of deposit) The President of the Association, the Treasurer and the Executive Vice President. (For checks) The President or Executive Vice President and Treasurer (disbursements).

d) Monies generated during the annual convention should be reverted to the general funds within 30 days after the last day of the convention.

e) The Treasurer may appoint deputies other than the Assistant Treasurer duly appointed by the Board of Trustees, but the Treasurer shall remain the responsible officer for the funds, and who shall be accountable to the Association.

Sec. 9 Disbursements

a) Disbursements shall be supported by receipts;

b) Disbursements above the maximum specified by the Board shall not be made without latter’s approval. (Note: Supported by a Board Resolution)

c) Purchases of materials and/or equipment above a maximum set by the Board shall not be authorized without proper canvass. By canvass is not meant the pertinent papers showing cost of materials obtained from more than one source, but shall include the report of a special committee duly formed to examine the veracity of such papers.

Sec. 10 Such budgetary and/or fiscal controls and/or measures as are deemed necessary shall be passed by the Board as long as they do not negate the general fiscal provisions hereon provided.


Sec. 1 The Chairman, Committee on Code of Ethics may recommend to the Board of Trustees of the Association the suspension and expulsion of any member if after investigation, he is found to have violated the Regulatory Code of Dental Practice in the Philippines, or whose Certificate of Registration has been revoked by the Professional Regulation Commission. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 2 Any officer of the Association and the House of Delegates may be impeached for cause, upon recommendation of the Committee on Code of Ethics and after having been given a chance to defend himself in accordance with rules and/or procedures of due process.(As amended on April 30, 2008)

Sec. 3 Any member of the Association who has been found guilty and has been convicted by any court of law.

Sec. 4 PDA Membership of any member/officer can be suspended on the following grounds:

i. Insubordination

ii. Non liquidation of financial report of the chapter/affiliate and association within the prescribed period.

iii. Violation of the Code of Ethics of Dental Practice in the Philippines

iv. Conduct unbecoming of any PDA officer and member

v. Violations of any provisions of the PDA Constitution and By laws (As amended on April 30, 2008)


Sec. 1 The provisions of this Constitution and By-Laws or any part thereof may be amended by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the voting delegates present at a session of the House of Delegates provided, however that such documents shall be submitted to a postal referendum or ratification by the members of the Association at a General Assembly. (As amended on April 30, 2008)

Voted and adopted this 20th day of March 1998 at the principal office by all incorporators.


Executive Vice President


Vice President for Metro Manila

Vice President for Luzon

Vice President for Visayas

Vice President for Mindanao








Speaker, House of Delegates

Chairman, Board of Governors
Council of PDA Presidents

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