PDA 2013-2014 Officers

PDA  OFFICERS (Fiscal Year 2013)


Dr. Fernando M. Fernandez                                – President

Dr. Dr. Corazon S. Flores                                  – President-Elect

Dr. Carlos C. Buendia                                        – Executive Vice President

Dr. Emmanuel T. Centeno                                  – Vice President Luzon-North

Dr. Apolinario A. Alzona                                     – Vice President-Luzon-South

Dr. Elmer Albert E. Cuevas                                 – Vice President- Visayas

Dr. Anna Liza A. Lerio                                        – Vice  President-Mindanao

Dr. Maria Lourdes M. Coronacion                         – Treasurer

Dr. Nelson D. Magnaye                                       – Auditor


Dr. Balbino B. Villanueva

Dr. Ma. Lourdes J. De Leon

Dr. Maria Arlissa D. Aguiluz

Dr. Romeo S. Magallanes, Jr.

Dr. Ma. Mirasol G. Cabal

Dr. Philfa C. Dela Cruz

Dr. Asteria C. Campanero

Dr.Joel C. Edroso

Dr. Anna Leonora V. Camus

Dr. Mary Joy R. Feliciano

Dr. Gary V. Brillo

Dr. Arturo P. de Leon (Ex-Officio)


Dr. Clarissa Jane F. Pe                                           -               Speaker

Dr. Joan J. Carbonell                                              -               Speaker Pro-Tempore

Dr. Raymundo Edesio J. Lope                                -               Floor Leader

Dr. Mari Jennifer C. Yalung                                     -               Peace Officer

Dr. Luis D. Uy                                                       -               Parliamentarian

Dr. Delia A. Castillo                                                 -               Administrator

Dr. Amry Jane T. Chavez                                        -               First Secretary

Dr. Esperanza C. Viloria                                          -               Second Secretary

Dr. Maria Cecilia T. Diego                                       -               Finance

Dr. Ramon N. Hebron                                             -               Adviser

Dr. Maria Arlissa D. Aguiluz                                     -               Adviser

Dr. Corazon S. Bartolo                                            -               Adviser


Dr. . Leticia O. Santos                                            – Chairman, Board of Governors

Dr. Eliezer B. Blanes                                               – Vice Chairman

Dr. Leo Gerald R. de Castro                                    – Secretary

Dr. Ma. Isabel G. Brual                                            – Treasurer

Dr. Roberto M. Tajonea                                           – Auditor


Dr. Ramon Chito F. Ferrer                                      – Chairman

Dr. Ramon N. Hebron                                            – 2nd Member

Dr. Rolando S. Gonzalez                                        – 3rd Member


Dr. Reynaldo D. Agcanas                                       – Protocol Officer

Dr. Arleen R. Reyes                                               – Editor-in-Chief, PDA Explorer

Dr. Ma. Arlissa D. Aguiluz                                       – Editor-in-chief, PDA Journal

Dr. Alvin M. Laxamana                                            – Executive Secretary/PRO

Dr. Ruben Emmanuel S. Hilario III                            – Assistant Secretary

Dr. Ronaldo T. Rosero                                           – Website Administrator

2 thoughts on “PDA 2013-2014 Officers”

  1. jerry mariano said:

    how i wished there are individual pictures of the incumbent PDA Officers on this website so every members can recognize their officers.

  2. That’s actually a good suggestion sir. Currently, we are uploading induction photos of those who submitted in the PDA bulletin.

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